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Taking the Stress out of  Taxation

for all

US Citizens; Athletes; Artists, Foreign Nationals

Reliable Financial Operation and Tax Advisory Service Provider

Get the support and attention you need from an advisor with acquired expertise in the global tax and finance field, with a specialty in Americans working across the Globe. 

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Why Choose Wing to Wing LLC

Working with small businesses (earning $10 million in revenue at the most), including sole proprietors and partnerships, Wing to Wing LLC has the flexibility to serve its clients regardless of their location.

Also with decades’ worth of combined experience and expertise in corporate America. This includes more than 20 years of managing Fortune 500 corporation’s financial operations, more than 10 years of serving in the Big 4 tax and accounting firms, and more than 20 years of working as a Tax Practitioner and Quickbooks Accountant.

Mission Statement

My mission is to help you focus on what you do best and let us focus on taking care of your personal and business taxes and financial operations, so that you can make the right decisions.

Tax Preparation 

  • Federal Form 1040 and 1 State Return Fees Start at:
  • $375 for Individuals
  • $450 for Sole Proprietors
  • $650 for Americans Working Abroad that are fully excluded
  • $850 for those over the annual exclusion
  • $950 for Nonprofits
  • $950 for Partnerships &  S-Corporations
  • $2,000 for Corporations

Financial Operations Advisory 

My rate for advising is $125 per hour, which covers the following:

  • Development and Implementation of a Wing-to-Wing Financial Process
  • Quickbooks accounting clean up and accuracy check
  • Quickbooks Training
  • Creation of Desktop Procedures to Ensure Sustainability
  • Liaison for Any Type of Audit
  • Being the Internal Auditor
  • Hiring, Training, and Managing Financial Staff

Wing-to-Wing Service 

Integrated service fee starts at $6,000 per year, covering your first accounting transaction to your final tax returns via Intuit products:

  • Quickbooks  Set-Up, Training as required
  • Monthly activity management
  •  Profit and Loss Reporting
  •  Sales Tax filings
  •  Property Tax filings
  •  Excise Tax filings
  •  1099 Contractor monitoring and filing
  •  Final Tax Return
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